Textbooks Analysis: Interlanguage:English for Senior High School Students XILanguage Study ProgrammeTasksUNIT ITHANKSGIVING IS ACELEBRATION DAY.Criteria : Characteristics Development of Adolescent Learners on Senior High School’s textbookIntellectual DevelopmentPhysical developmentSocial developmentEmotional and psychological developmentMoral developmentWork together collaboratelyconnect the abstract to their real liveswork together and move arounddiscussions about issues related to the physical development, puberty, and sexualityProvide opportunities for cooperative & individual workWorking collaborately with others & talking through difficult problems to reach solutionsmall group discussions so that students can share their ideas and beliefs with each others.write and reflect as a part of their learning experiencesresolve conflicts in order to solve  real-life problems & teach the language necessary to make the process worklearning experiences that are complex & involve problems that might encounter in their real life.1.       In pairs, match each celebration with its name by drawing an arrow. Then, answer the questions based on your knowledge.vvvv2.       Pronounce and learn the meaning of the following words. Then, complete the sentences with the suitable word. Compare your answers with your partner’s.vvvv3.       Listen to the dialogue and complete the following chart. One part has been completed as anexample. The listening script is in the Appendix. Compare your answers with a classmate’s.vvvv4.       Match the words in the box with their definitions/meanings.vv5.       Study the following expressions.v