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People :
1. Miss. Grace (Teacher)
2. Jane
3. Arnold
4. Vannesa

Miss Grace : Can anyone tell me what's the function of education?

Jane : It's for knowing the world and every detail

Arnold : I know! It can make us more success for the future!

Miss Grace : Correct,we can also learn to read,write and count.To find a job we need to study hard and every day learn new things in the school.Education help us and the country,if we get smart then we will be helpful for the world and maybe the country can improve better.

Vannesa : But why is there exam and stuff?

Miss Grace : It help us to understand the lesson well,sometimes we're going to need it in future so everything have to be clear.

Jane : What about our country?Does it have good education?

Miss Grace : I think it's good that we have big exam but for smaller places there's less school that made them different from us..

Arnold: Is there any way we could fix it?

Miss Grace : The government need to pay attention to places that was stranded and because education is important so every child need to go to school.

Jane & Vanessa : Yeah, We're agree

Miss Grace : Are you agree, Arnold?

Arnold : Ya, of course Miss.

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