In pairs,perform a dialog about the situation below.I usednto go
in pairs,perform a dialog about the situation below.

I usednto go jogging with my wife in the morning around my house in Kampung Baru,Kelapa Dua Wetan,Ciracas,East Jakarta.
Within our residential area,there are some ojek ranks. One of the ranks is very close to my house known as Pangkalan Ojek Jengkol,where the residents, often talk with the drivers.
We can learn many things from the presence of ojek drivers in our area.
Even though they have no written formal agreement,no written memoranda of understanding,no written codes of conduct or the like,they are very disciplined in waiting for passengers.
The passengers can not choose or have a perference for certain drivers because they have to take the one who is at the head of the queue

Tolong buattin dialog nya please ?



X : The morning air is really refreshing, isn't it ?
Y : Yes, it's really refreshing.
X : By the way, do you know the nearest ojek rank ?
Y : Do you mean the Pangkalan Ojek Jengkol ?
X : Yes, the drivers are very kind there
Y : Really ?
X : I hear that many residents often talk to the drivers there
Y : Ojek drivers at Pangkalan Ojek Jengkol are known very kind and patient waiting for passengers
X : Maybe it's because they spending time by chatting each other or with the residents
Y : I hear that at Pangkalan Ojek Jengkol, the passengers cannot choose their drivers, because they had to take the one who is at the head of the queue
X : Sounds really discipline, so they have a 'rule' between ojek drivers.
Y : So do you want to go there and check it out ?
X : Of course, i can't wait to check it out

X dan Y bisa diganti degan nama suami-istri seperti di soal, semoga membantu