There care many reasons for keeping dogs as Pete in the city area, but many peo- ple feel that keeping pet dogs should not be allowed In the city. Dogs are often not taken care properly. They are kept in small backyards and rarely taken for walks. They are left in the yard all day by themselves while the family rune work. Very little attention is given to the dog and it is not a very good life for it. It is no wonder why these dogs bark and disturb the neighbours and become a nuisance to the community. On the other hand, not all people treat their dogs this may and why should the peo- ple receive a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from dog's stifle'? Dogs can make a lonely person's life happy or make wonderful play- mate. It can also teach a child responsibility as they not only Potts lay with the dog, but also need to exercise, feed, and care for the dog. I feel that we should be allowed to keep dogs in the city, because ills is taken care of properly, dogs can be a great source of pleasure. As a child / used to enjoy playing and taking care of my pet. There is not greater loyalty a nelson can get than from a well-caned dog.

1. Some people do not like the presence of pet dogs In their surroundings because ....
(A) the dogs are left in the yards
(B) the dogs are often neglected
(C) the dogs often bark and disturb the neighbours
(D) the dogs play with the owner's child
(E) the dogs guard the security of the enyit onrnent

2. The main idea of the last paragraph is ....
(A) pet dogs are loyal animals
(B) pet dogs are more loyal than humans
(C) dogs can be a great source of pleasure
(D) the writer has no objection to keeping dogs In the city
(E) the writer used to play and took care of his pet when he was a child

3. We can infer from the text that keeping pet dogs in the city will not cause any problem as long ....
(A) the dogs are amusing
(B) the neighbours like having pet dogs
(C) the dogs do not balk at the neighbours
(D) the writer has succeeded in persuading the neighbours
(E) its presence does not disturb the neighbourhood



1.c.the dogs often bark and disturb the neighbours
2.c.dogs can be a great source of pleasure's presence does not disturb the neighbourhood
ini menurut jawaban saya :)
bisa dijelaskan ?
yang pertanyaan ke1 menjelaskan beberapa orang tidak menyukai kehadiran anj*ng peliharaan dalam lingkungan mereka karena,,?aku jwb C yang artinya anj*ng sering menggonggong dan mengganggu warga,aku bingung yang pertanyaan ke 1 soalnya jawaban antara a dan c

pertanyaan ke2 menjelaskan gagasan utama paragraf terakhir,aku jawab c yang artinya anj*ng bisa menjadi sumber kesenangan..
pertanyaan ke3 menjelaskan kita dapat menyimpulkan dari teks yang menjaga anj*ng peliharaan dikota tidak akan menimbulkan masalah selama..? saya jawab e yang artinya kehadirannya tidak mengganggu lingkungan