The American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Healthy Children website notes that television violence can actually lead to real-world violent acts. According to the AAP, by the time that your child reaches his teen years he probably will have seen roughly 8,000 murders in the course of watching TV programs. Although your teen has the cognitive abilities to reason that televised violence is fantasy -- unlike a younger child who may not understand this or the consequences of violence -- the constant bombardment of violence may desensitize him to these acts or even make them seem intriguing, in an exciting way.

Like all we have known. A lot of teenagers are more interested in tv rather than studying. so that teenager will just stuck in front of the tv and being lazy to do anything else. That is so unhealthy. when they watch tv, they can't do excercises. even if they watched a sport channel they won't follow that. they are too lazy to do that thing. Or maybe studying. So many teenagers that think if watching tv is so much better than studying. that's so UNTRUE! as what you have learnt books are the window of world. what about tv? tvs are the windows of cartoon? what is the usage of cartoon in our life? nothing right? If we choose studying rather than watching tv, we will be the best generation of our country.