Asking and giving stance ? coba cek lagi pertanyaannya
Dialog bahasa inggris tentang asking and giving opinion ini kita awali dengan mempelajari kembali beberapa ungkapan atau phrases yang biasanya dipakai untuk mengantarkan cara menanyakan dan memberikan pendapat. Beberapa diantaranya adalah:
Asking Opinion in English
What do you think of …....?
What are your views?
What is your opinion?
Is it right what I’ve done?
What about ….....?
How about ….....?
What is your opinion?
What do you think of...?
How do you feel about…?
How do you see …?
Giving Opinion in English
I’m convinced that ….
I consider that ....
According to the expert, I ….
In my opinion, .…
I think …
I believe …
I feel …
It seems to me …

Nah itu tadi beberapa 
common expressions untuk menanyakan dan memberikan pendapat dalam bahasa inggris.

Untul Asking for advice
Ø  Do you think I ought to call the police?
Ø  What do you think I should buy him for his birthday?
Ø  Do you have any ideas about how I can sell my car?
Ø  Should I try to talk with him about this matter again?
Ø  If you were me, what would you tell her?
Ø  If you were in my situation, would you forgive him?
Ø  Do you have any advice for me?
Ø  Can you give me some advice?
Ø  Do you have any recommendations about a good hotel in Paris?
Ø  Can you recommend a suitable wine for dinner?