My House Hello friends I want to tell you about my house, actually this not my really own house just a rental house. I rented this house since 2 month ago. I rented this house because I continue my study in this town, I prefer rental house than boarding house because in rental house I can be free, I do everything I want without disturbing other people or feel disturbed.
This house is not big, But I think is more than enough for me. There are only three rooms in this house, The are living room, bedroom and kitchen. In living room there are a Television, a table for me to put my note book, printer, and books. In bed room there are bed, cupboard, and refrigerator. You maybe think it is funny, a refrigerator is placed in bedroom, not in kitchen. My kitchen is small, it only enough for cooking utensils (such as frying pan, pan, stove), and eating utensil (plate, spoon, and glass). Near kitchen there is bathroom, and behind my house there is a place for hanging clothes after they are washed.  

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Hello, letme tel you abaut think in my friend house.

in my friend house, there is many thingk i like. but i like 1 think . that is a tv. i like the tv because the tv is big and beautifull
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