bantu aku yaa masih bingung nih.
*disuruh merubah ke passive voice* HELP ME YA~

1.Alex learned the poem
2.Steven has forgotten the book
3.The people speak english
4.He was reading some comics
5.They are singing a song
6.Mother is watering the flowers
7.She bought four apples
8.Jack will sweep the floor
9.Some body will build the house next year
10.The teacher told us a spooky story



1. the poem was learned by alex.
2. the book has been forgotte by steven
3. english is spoken by the people.
4. some comics were being read by him.
5. a song is being sang by them.
6. the flowers are being watered by my mother.
7. four apples were bought by her.
8. the floor will be swept by jack.
9. the house will be built by somebody next year.
10. a spooky story was told to us by the teacher. semoga membantu. jadikan yg terbaik yaaa

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