Bantu aku yaa masih bingung nih..
*disuruh merubah ke passive voice* HELP ME YA~

1.Alex learned the poem
2.Steven has forgotten the book
3.The people speak english
4.He was reading some comics
5.They are singing a song
6.Mother is watering the flowers
7.She bought four apples
8.Jack will sweep the floor
9.Some body will build the house next year
10.The teacher told us a spooky story



The poem was learned by alex
the book has been forgotten by steven
an english is speaked by people
some comics were reading by him/he
a song is being sung by them/they
the flowersis being watered bymother
four apples was bought byshe/her
the floor will be swept by jack
the house wii be built by some body next year
a spooky story was toldby teacher to us
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