Simple Past Tense
1. (+) I studied English last night.
    (-) I didn't study English last night.
    (?) Did I study English last night?
2. (+) He went to school this morning by bike.
    (-) He didn't go to school this morning by bike.
    (?) Did He go to school this morning by bike?
3. (+) She ran fast.
    (-) She didn't run fast.
    (?) Did she run fast?
4. (+) You broke her glasses.
    (-) You didn;t break her glasses.
    (?) Did you break her glasses?
5. (+) He let her go.
    (-) He didn't let her go.
    (?) Did He let her go?
Present Perfect Tense
1. (+) I have broken your glasses.
    (-) I haven't broken your glasses.
    (?) Have I broken your glasses?
2. (+) She has finished red the book.
    (-) She hasn't finished red the book.
    (?) Has She finished red the book?
3. (+) He has bring my book back.
    (-) He hasn't bring my book back.
    (?) Has He bring my book back?
4. (+) You have met them.
    (-) You haven't met them.
    (?) Have you met them?
5. (+) I have done my homework.
    (-) I haven't done my homework.
    (?) Have I done my homework?

I hope It could help :)