A. classic b. expert c. lecturer
d. fold e. useful f. easy

Profesor Yohanes Surya is my idol. He is an (1)............. in mathematics and physics. He likes reading a lot. He has read many kinds of books, such as (2).................. and detective stories and popular physics. In his opinion, books are (3)................ tools for his success. He is not only a (4).............. but also writer. He has helped many students learn methematics and physics using (5).............. methods. I really admire him. He is genius but humble.

Fill in the blanks with and, but or or

I have two kinds of pets: rabbits (1) hens. The rabbits like to be in their hutches, (2) the hens sometimes leave our yard, for our neighbors". We have tp look for them and becouse they often do this, my sister and I take turns to pick them up. She usually offers me to choose: to pick them up (3) feed both pets. I usually feed the hens with corn (4) grain, (5) sometimes they look for their own meals, worms

Arrenge the words to from meaningful sentences
Example :
go-I-next week-will-to-surabaya
Answer :
I will go to surabaya next week

1. going to-at 7 p.m-study-Shinta-is
2. the food-Mr. and Mrs. Douglass-buy-will-all
3. is-hold-a business meeting-my father-going-to-day
4. going to-you-the contest-are-join-?
5. participate-the dance-Shinta-will-not-in-competition

Make sentences using the following words or phrases
Use will or be going to.
Exsample :
study in groups
You write : - We will study in groups
- We are going to study in groups

1. meet brother
2. go to Cisarua
3. explain a descpritive text
4. borrow books from the library
5. phone tonight

a. display b. participate c. wooden
d. bring e. support f. color paper

Attention, please
Our school is going to (1) in the 2014 Craft Fair starting next week. Please come and (2) our team. We will (3) our creations such as animals from (4) , batik cloth and (5) shelves

a. second b. bring c. basketball
d. large e. support f. new

Attention, students.
Now, we have a (1) library. It is on the (2) floor, near Class VIIA. So, we have two libraries, the on near the (3) court andthat one. Because our new library is (4) , you may study there, besides borrowing books. However, you cannot (5) the books home. In other words, you should read the books there. Thank you.



A. (1. B 2. A 3. E 4. C 5. F)
B. (1. and 2. but 3. or 4. and 5. but)
C. (1. shinta is going to study at 7 pm
2. Mr and Mrs Douglas will buy all this food
3. my father is going to hold a business meeting today.
4. are you going to join the contest?
5. shinta will not participate in the dance competition)
D. 1. I will meet my brother. I am going to meet my brother
2. I will go to cisarua. i am going to cisarua
3. i will explain descriptive test. i am going to explain descriptive text.
4. i will borrow books from library. i am going to borrow books from library.
5. i will phone tonight. i am going to phone tonight.
E. (1. B 2. E 3. A 4. F 5. C)
F. (1. F 2. A 3.C 4.D 5.B)