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Baskara:Hello,Good Morning
Talita:Good Morning
Baskara:What is Your favorite fruit
Talita:I like Apple And Mango
Baskara:What Do you Prefer Apple Than Mango
Talita:i am Prefer Mango
Lisa:Hai,,What Are You doing Here???
talita:Owh,,Hai,Lisa we Are Talking About Favorite Fruits
Talita:What is your favorite fruit?
Lisa: i like Apple
Talita :and you Baskara??
Baskara : i like Orange
2 3 2
B: hi, A .. where are you going?
A: hello B, Mom told me to go to the market
B: can I come with you?
A: sure..
in the market,
C: hi, guys
A: Hello.. C
B: wow, look at that apple... so big and red
C: yes... it's look fresh
B: apple is my favorite fruit, how about you,
C: I'll take mangosteen instead of apple
B: mangosteen is a little sour but delicious.
good choice.
C: how about you, A?
A: I don't really like fruit...
B: How about your favorite food?
A: it's not special, just soup... cream soup
C: I like that too... so creamy..
B: Talking about food make me hungry
C: after

blm selesai kepencet ini lanjutannnya
(C): come to my house, my mother is making macaroni schotel. (B): Count me in. (A): okay, I got what I need. I'll go to the cashier then we'll go to your house. It does not take a long time. (B): good, because my stomach start growling.
yang "C: after" itu diganti yang "(C): come to my house....", itu
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