Percakapan bahasa Inggris 5 orang dengan baik.
Siska : Hello, What are you doing here ivon?
Ivon : I am making plan for holiday next week.
Siska : Are you sure? I make plan for next week holiday too.Cindy : Hello guys, what are you talking about?
Ivon : We’re talking about plan next week holiday.
Cindy : So, where you wanna go for holiday ivon?
Ivon : Maybe to Pangandaran Beach.
Cindy : What, I’m gonna going to pangandaran beach too.
Winda : Hello my friends, what are you talking about? a plan for next week holiday?
Cindy & Siska : Yes.
Winda : Are you hava some place to visit for next week holiday? I wanna go to pangandaran beach.
Ivon : yes, I wanna go to pangandaran beach. I will bring my friend susi to pangandaran. Are you know susi? She’s your classmate on junior high school.
Susi : Hello guys, yeah, I wanna go to pangandaran beach too, what if we go together?Siska : That’s a good idea, okay I agree.

semoga bener yg seperti kmu cari.....

Jawaban paling cerdas!
Sheila: Hallo 
Fany, Dinda, Ira,Dita: Hallo 
Sheila: You're doing what?
 Dinda: We're making a short story
 Sheila: The theme of what? 
Ira: We do not know yet
 Sheila: Can I help?
 Fany: Of course 
Sheila: How does the theme of Global Warning? 
Dita: that's great because it reminds everyone about the dangers of global warning
 Ira: So our theme is Global Warning? 
Dinda: yes, you agree ga Fan? 
Fany: I agree 
Dinda: We say thx much because you want to help 
Sheila: Never mind
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