Dialog telepon bahasa inggris?
percakapan lewat telepon, ngerti kan?
pake nama orang lain dulu yaa, sebagai contoh.........
dea : Hello.. || Dita: who is speaking? ||Dea: hello, it is dea speaking || Dita: o..hi..what can I help you dea? || Dea: would you like to pick up my sister please!|| Dita: what is your sister like? and where must I pick up her? || Dea: she is tall, she has curly hair, black skin, she has blue eyes, and she swers red t-shirt. please pick up her at the airport okay? || Dita: okay, I will do it. || Dea: thanks || Dita just forget it.
makasihh :)
sama sama :)


You: hello, good morning me: hello. good morning too.. you: how are you today? me: im fine, thanks. you? you; fine too me: do you had an activity tomorrow at 9 o'clock? you: no, so what? me: i would like to invite you to my birthday party at my house. Do you want? you: off course i want, be happy me: allright, thank you for your time. you: you're welcome me: bye. you: byee too..