1.A: hi elsa, may i borrow your pen?
B: of course ...
A: thanks..

2. A: maya,can you help me
B: yeah.. tell me what?
A: can you close the door?
B: okay.. i will do it for you
A: thank you..

3. A: excuseme sir
A: may you tell me where is the toilet?
B: sure, the toilet is behind the club
A: okay .. thanks 
Jawaban paling cerdas!
a :"hey b,yesterday is your birthday right?"
b :'how did you know that?"
a :"cause i am your friend :D"
b :"thank you so much a"
a :"by the way,i have a present for u"
b :"what is that?"
a :"i brought you a lunch"
b :"thanks a"
a :"your welcome pal"

Azmi : Hi Izmi ! How are you to day ?
Izmi  : I’m fine. And you ?
Azmi : I am very well, thanks. How was your weekend at the beach ?
Izmi : Terrific ! I was very happy. You should go there.
Azmi : Really ? hei, you like nice in that dress !
Izmi : I’m glad you like it, thanks. My mother gave it to me on my birthday.
Azmi : Wow ! that’s wonderful. Oh Izmi, I almost forget. Can I ask you something ?Izmi : Oh, sure. What’s up ?
Azmi : have you finished working paper we had made last week ?
Izmi : Yes, of course.Azmi : oh, thanks a lot. I thinks this working paper is excellent.
Izmi : Ok. You are welcome.
Azmi : Izmi, This is gown for you. I made it   by  myself . 
Izmi : That’s a beautiful gown! You are really a talented tailor. @
Azmi : I’m glad you like it.
Izmi : Azmi , by the way how is your library so far? Azmi : It’s great! Many people come to my library. 
Izmi : congratulations! Your library is the  most popular one now. 
Azmi : Thank you, Izmi.

*jadikan jawaban terbaik ya????!!!*

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