Andy : Hy brother .. were are you come from ??
Endy : I from the market. what are you doing. ?
Andy : I'm playing PS .


Endy : Andy.. please open the door ! there are person there.
Andy : Oke.

Lina : Hi .. Are you Andy ?
Andy : Yes.
Lina : My name is new neighbor. and he is my husband
Eko : Hi my name is andi
Andy : I'm Andy
Lina : Andy we have agenda this night in our new house... can you come ?
Andy : Oke I will come with my brother
Lina : Thanks
Andy : U are welcome

Aaaa : hey, you want to hang out friday night.
Bbbb; yeah sure. what about you, Cccc?
Cccc : well, i want to, but can you pick me up at my home ?
Aaaa : I dont know if  can...., what about you Ddddd?
Dddd : yeah, I'll pick you up at 8
Bbbb : oh yeah AAAA, dont forget to bring your girlfriend
Aaaa : yeah sure