My Best Friend, Haruka In Senior high school, I had best friend from Korea. Her name was Haruka. She was beautiful, smart, and low profile. For that many people loved her, included of me myself. It was because, even though she was from foreign country that considered by many students would be arrogant with students in my school, but Haruka was different. She was a good girl. I and Haruka became good friend each other. I was really glad in having friend like her. It was because even though she was from rich family and I was not from rich family. She wanted to have a friend like me. She wanted to share everything to me. So, did I. For the example, when she had something, like knowledge, foods, or even gift, she would give to me. Then, I did the same thing like her, for the example if my mom made a food, traditional food, I would give that food also to Haruka. One day, I was invited by Haruka’s family to attend Haruka’s birth day. I came to Haruka’s house as shown in invitation card. I was very surprised when I looked the house of Haruka that was very luxurious, and beautiful. I felt afraid to enter Haruka’s house. For that, I only waited on the outside of Haruka’s house. I stood at fence. Then, seven minutes, I stood at fence.  I saw Haruka went to out from her house. She came to me and she asked why I did not enter. I did not answer, I only smiled. Then, she said to me that her birthday would not be started without the existence of me. I was very touched in hearing that. I hugged her. Then, I and Haruka entered to Haruka’s house.  Many guests looked at me and Haruka. Then, the party started. Before that, Haruka’s parents introduced me to the guests that I was the best friend for her daughter and Haruka’s family wanted me follow them to holiday in Korea next month. Many people gave applause to me and Haruka’s family. I was so touched. I felt to cry. I was fortunate having friend like Haruka, and knew Haruka’s family.