Dear Greyson

Congratulation on your 13th birthday. I hope you can achieve your dream and I hope you can be more diligent . Keep Fighting , always do the best and Good Luck ! ^_^


Dear Afifah

Congratulation on your 15th birthday . I hope you can get everything like your wish . Wish u all the best and Allah blessing you.
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Tolong buatkan yang isi suratnya selamat atas kemenangan di kompetisi bahasa inggris
yang on your 13th birtday diganti aja ama " for your winner in english competition"
klik terima kasih aja trus jadikan yang terbaik
Nothing is more valuable gifts on the day of your birthday besides words Happy Birthday There is no prayer that can kupanjatkan In addition to prayer that a long and happy.

Smoga membantu