Adi: Hi, Rob.
Rob: Hi, here you are. You made me crazy, man.
Adi: Why? Have I done something wrong?
Rob: No, but I looked for you almost one hour just for this card.
Adi: Really? What kind of card is it? It must be very precious.
Rob: An invitation card.
Adi: Wow, you are inviting me to your party, aren't you?
Rob: No, it is not mine. It's Susan's party.
Adi: Who is Susan? And what party is it?
Rob: Susan is David's girl friend. And she will be 17 years old tomorrow.
Adi: Oh, I see. But I don't know her. Why should she invite me?
Rob: She didn't invite you. I mean, she asked me to invite you.
Adi: Did she really ask you? I don't believe you, friend. Look at this invitation. There is only your name on it.
Rob: She said I could take three friends of mine to accompany me to her party.
Adi: Are you telling me the truth?
Rob: Alright, I'll call her for you, if you don't believe me.
Adi: Okay, I believe you. But I don't have much money to buy a gift.
Rob: Don't worry, my friend. I'll buy the gift and I'll put your name on it. How does it sound?
Adi: Well, you are really my best friend.

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