short messages
greeting cards
notes :
1. Keep the room clean 2. No entry 3. Beware of the dog 4. Waiting room 5. Switch off all electronic appliances when you don’t need them 6. Articles are considered sold if you broke them. 7. Keep off the grass 8. Use the hand dryer 9. No littering 10. Keep our world clean. 11. Warning ! High voltage. 12. Keep off the reach of children. 13. Keep silent, Exam is in progress. 14. Out of order 15. Caution ! Wet floor. 16. For pedestrians only. 17. Keep your distance. 18. No late comers. 19. Handle with care ! 20. Access for residents only.
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Ciri soal yang menanyakan tujuan komunikatif teks biasanya menggunakan pertanyaan seperti di bawah. What is the purpose of the text?What is the communicative purpose of the text?What does the writer of the text write the text for?What is the writer’s purpose of the text?What is the writer’s  intention …?The purpose of writing the above text is Ya, caranya – harus rajin berlatih mengerjakan soal dan titen. (Ini khusus untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris