Jawaban paling cerdas!
Recount text usually has three main parts, they are :
1 Orientation : identify a person or thing acted or got involved in the event, including the time, a certain place, the situation, etc.
2 Series of Events : ordered in a chronological sequence.
3 Re-orientation : not always (optional), it contains personal comments
EXAMPLE OF RECOUNT TEXT :: My Adventure at Leang-Leang Cave Leang-leang Cave at Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia On Sunday, my parents, my best friend Sam and I visited a cave at Maros called Leang-leang . It was my first time to visit the cave, better yet, my best friend came to visit it with me! The cave was famous for its primitive cave wall paintings which were some hand prints and wild boar paintings. The cave and its surroundings was turned into a national park, so it was taken care of. My parents took a rest in a small hut for visitors of the park, while Sam and I adventured around the cave with a guide. We had to climb some metal stairs to get to the cave, because the cave was embedded into a small mountain.