Find as many as pronoun as you can from the following text !

Hi I'm William/ My nicknmame is Bill. I have a brother. His name is Andrew and I love both of our parents, although they are very different from each other. my fother is rather strict, and his ideas about women are very traditional. he thinks a women's place is at home. my mother is the opposite, her ideas are modern. mom in a favour of us having a career, although she realizes its effects on home life. mom and dad may disagree in various things; still they can always resolve their differences. how about you? what is your family



Pronoun adalah kata ganti untuk orang,binatang, tempat, atau suatu benda dalam sebuah kalimat jadi
- (i) have one brother
- (he) thinks a women's place is at home
- (her) ideas are modern
- (she) realizes its effect  
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