A : good morning children .
b : Morning teacher
a : please open your book !
b : yes  mrs. what page ?
a : page 23 about dialogue , please make a dialogue for 2 people now ! after that please prepare the book on the teacher table !
b : Yes Mrs. 

A : Hey, keep silent ! I can't here what she talk about !
B : Hello, would you like to speak loudly, please. We can't hear you !
A : Don't make a noise if you make it you must do the exercise in the book !
B : Alright mam
Ane: Ein, please go to the shop and buy a kilo of sugar.
Ein: okey!
Ane: Dare, can you take the thirty plates from the cupboard?
Dare: sure, do you want the pink plates, the blue plates, or the purple plates?
Ane: take the pink and the purple plates.