X : hello, good morning.
y : hi, morning, how's life?
x : not too bad, you?
y : i'm fine. hey have you done our english homework?
x : yes i did, you?
y : i have not, can you help me to finish that?
x : sure, come on. i'll help you.
y : thank you.
Percakapan melalui telepon !
Mia: Hello
Aina:Hello Mia. This is Aina.
Mia: oh what wrong Aina?
Aina: Can you tell Ma'am diana that i won't be able to come in music course today? i get a fever and headache. please tell her i can't have the course for maybe three days.
Mia: all right. I'm sorry to hear that. i hope you get well soon
Aina: thank you Mia
Mia: by the way have you seen a doctor?
Aina: Yes i have. And the doctor said i must rest for three days
Mia: okey
Aina: okey see you later, and thank you so much
Mia: you're welcome, see you

semoga membantu ^_^