Samuel rizal is a famous actor. he is still young just 24 years old. he has very short hair. he has on oval face and dark brown eyes.

1.what is the title of the text?
2.what does samuel rizal do? old is he?
4.what is his hair?
5.what is his face like?
6.what color are his eyes?
7. what is the function of the text?

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1.Samuel Rizal
3.24 years old
4.he has very short hari
5.He has oval face and dark brown eyes
6.dark brown
7.Discraebe of Samuel Rizal
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1. samuel rizal 
2.he is a famous actor
3. he is 24 years old
4.his hair is very short
5.he has an oval face
6.the color of his eyes is dark brown 
7. to description about samuel rizal

1. Samuel Rizal
2. He is famous actor
3. He is still young just 24 years old
4. He has hair short hair
5. He has on oval face
6. He has color dark brown eyes
7. To description about Samuel Rizal