Her full name is Nikita Purnama Willy. She was born on 29 June 1994 in Jakarta. She is very talented actress in Indonesia. Nikita Willy has straight hair, pointed nose, brown eyes, and white skin. She is not tall enough, 162 cm only. Nikita has one sister. Her name is Winona. Nikita has so many hobies. She likes travelling and and shopping in her spare time.

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Nikita willy is a professional actress. she has a good talent in acting,sing and even dance.include of that,she has a goos morale too. many people like her very much. and many reason too about the reason why they like her. they know about her from her drama or advertisement. it makes people know her much. so people can be like her and even be her fans.
Nikita willy has many song and drama. she also beautiful and charming. even she is still young,she can be a favorite actress and get an award from her affort. she has good body and face. and know all people in indonesian know her and like her. but if someone get many lovers,and it must be she has many haters too.
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