Pidato tentang sholat !

Alhamdulillahir Robbil ' Aalamin washolatu wasalamu ' ala asrofil anbiya'i Mursalin wal wa ' ala wa alihi ashabihi nathohirin mujahideen , Allohuma ala Muhammad wa ala sholi ali muhammad amma ba ; du
As our gratitude to the Almighty God , let us say a sentence together tahmid " alhamdulillahir Robil Worlds . Sholawat and greetings may selaluterlimpahkan akiruzzaman prophet Muhammad who had to give up his entire life to guide , nurture and save mankind from the wrong path , the right path towards ignorance sirothol mustaqim .
Furthermore, on this occasion I will submit a description of the " prayer as the pillar of religion "
Muslims pray adalahmerupakan rokhimakuulloh ..... one of the pillars of Islam , making it obligatory prayers performed by the Moslem people , if we leave prayer five times a day it will get a great sin , and when we leave the prayer constantly then surely Allah will enter Hell and therefore do not leave the prayer is sholatkarena pillar of religion , as in the words of the prophet Muhammad .
Assolatu ngimad duddin ( alhadis )
That is the prayer that the pillar of religion , who is working on establishing religion then he is , and who left the religion he had been knocked down . ( HR )
So if we do not do prayers mean we have not really Islamic religion , is like a house that is not that there are no poles will inevitably collapse . And his name was not home anymore but called junk then we must be diligent dariitu prayers five times .
May Allah include us the people who was really Muslims ameen amen yes Robbal Alamin . umpteen
If there are words that are not pleasing or offend friends then I apologize profusely .

Wabillahi taufiq wal hidayah, Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

semoga membantu :)
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