This text is for number 1 -
Anna : It's between you and me, OK?
Belle : OK. Spill it already!
Anna : Peter confessed to me yesterday!
Belle : Yesterday? I thought you were rehearsing for the vocal group.
Anna : I was. After the rehearse, I felt thirsty that I took my drinking water from my bag, and..
Belle : There was a __ note?
Anna : Yes!!:D I read it and it said, "Anna, please come to school garden today after the vocal group rehearsal." And I was all like, "Wow, I never believe I would get a love note!"
So, I went to the school garden, sat on the bench and.. you know.. He came to me and confessed:)
Belle : So, did you accept his ___ for you?
Anna : Yes, of course! It's not that I'm too quick to accept, but, you know I ___ him too, remember ?

1. a. like, b. cold, c. love
2. a. feelings, b. love, c. chocolate
3. a. hate, b. like, c. ignore.

4. Bill just placed a piece of bubblegum on Jessica's chair. When Jessica wanted to stand up, she can't. She felt very __, and cried.
a. embarrassed, b. confused, c. forgotten

5. Melody is afraid if she would be teased by her friends because she couldn't do a perfect split.
Based on the text above, Melody has a feeling of..
a. happiness, b. cheerful, c. embarrassing

Maaf cuma bisa ngasih 5 soal, semoga membantuu :)

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