Expressing love
1. i love you
2. i think, i've fallen in love with you
3. be mine
4. would like to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?
5. you're my everything
6. the one i love is you.
7. make me yours
8. we will love each other, aren't we?
9. i like you because you is what you are
10. i said, i love you.
expressing embarrassment
1. don't make me embarrassed! >///<
2. being in this kind of situation, it's so embarrassing
3. what a shame, oh god
4. you're flattering me too much >w<
5. i can't help it anyway, i'm so embarrassed standing in front of the people with this kind of costume.
6. you are embarrassing meĀ 
7. why am i so shameful?
8. when i see him into his eyes, i feel embarrassed.
9. i will bear the shame of being the xenocide forever!
10. i am so embarrasing
expressing relief
1. finally
2. lucky me
3. fortunately i am not in the same class with her
4. yes! i did it
5. we finally arrived here
6. the job is finally here for me
6. I'm so grateful to be here with you together
7. thanks god, the glass is not broken
8. oh really? i was right then, yes!
9. lucky us, we are in the same class, kya!
10. *high-five* we did it! it's all because of our teamwork, thank you guys
gangerti lagi dah, mungkin gini /w/