Once upon a time in Lombok, there was a kingdom named Kuripan. The king of Kuripan was very wise. He had a daughter named Mandalika She was so beautiful.Many princes wanted to marry her. To choose the one that would be his son in law, the king had an arrow shooting competition. The best one would be Mandalika's husband.
On the day of the competition, those princes shot their arrows. All of them did it perfectly.The king found it difficult to choose. Therefore, the princes began to fight and kill each other.
Princess Mandalika was so desperate. She didn't want anyone killing each other because of her. That's why she decided to go to the sea and plunged herself into it. She died in the south sea of Lombok. The king and princes were sad and felt quilty. They regretted and stoped fighting
Until now, one day in every year, usually in Februery or March, people go to south sea. One that day, great number of worm come out from the sea. People call there worms "nyale". People believe that those nyales are princes Mandalika's hair.

1. why did princess mandalika die?

a. she didn't want the princess killed each other because of her

b. the king forced her to marry the prince

c. she didn't want to marry the prince

d. she didn't like the king

2. what does paragraph two mostly talk about ?

a. the reason why mandalika died

b. how the king choose his son in law]

c. the reason why the princess kill each other

d. an arrow shooting competition between the princess

3. the main characters in the text are ...

a. the king and the people of lombok

b. mandalika , and the king , and the princess

c. the prinscess and the king

d. people of lombok

mohon jawabannya yaa ^_^

4.True or False yaa? kalo True or False questionnya jawabannya "True"
D.passed away
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. D
yang lain boleh ?
Shan and Citra lived in a large country house with their little son, Guna. They kept a mongoose as a pet. Guna and the mongoose were very fond of each other. They became good playmates.
One day Shan was at his farm. Chitra had gone out for some work. Guna was asleep in his cradle. The mongoose was sitting by the cradle where Guna was asleep. The mongoose was sitting by the cradle to protect Guna from any harm. Suddenly, it saw a cobra creeping towards Guna. It jumped up and caught th


1. a. she didn't want the princes killed each other bc of her
2. c. the reason y the princes kill each other
3. b. Mandalika, the King, and the princes