Rony: 'Viona,are you online?'
Viona: "yes. what's up?'
Rony: 'may i use it for a while? i need to browse some articles for my history paper.'
Viona: 'sure. use it as long as you need. i'm done.'
Rony: 'thank you very much.'
Viona: 'you're welcome.'
Boy 1 : Have you heard there is a football selection for the championship?
Boy 2 : Really?!
Boy 1 : Yeah. Haven't you hear? It's newly announced, you know.
Boy 2 : No:( I'm going to Sydney with my family:(
           When is it anyway?
Boy 1 : It's like, 2 weeks away.
Boy 2 : Geez! I couldn't do it AGAIN. Could you tell Mr. Roy if the schedule is move to this week? I really want to do it.
Boy 1 : I'll ask him later:)
Boy 2 : For real? Thanks, bro:D
Boy 1 : Anytime, bro. Anytime:D

semoga membantuuu :D