Aku mau langsung ke pokoknya
A: Are you sure that you get a high score in the last math examination?
B: Yes, Of course..
Asking for clarification

Why …?/ Why not?What … for?What do you mean?What is meant by …?You mean that …, don’t you?Pardon?Can you say that again?

Dialogue 1

Andy          : Excuse me; I don’t think we have met. I’m Andy. What’s your name, please?
Sari            : S A R I
Andy          : Sorry? Could you repeat it, please? 
Sari            : S A R I

Dialogue 2 

Teacher    : Why do you come late?
Student    : I'm sorry, Mum. I come late because i must drop at a shop
Teacher    : What do you do that for?
Student    : for buying something
Teacher    : What do you do mean something?
Student    : What i mean is a pen