Help me for make good dialogue expressing anger for the following situation.

1. Brenda and Karmila study in the same class. Brenda doesn’t find her schoolbag on the desk. Budi tells that Karmila hid it.
2. Lusi and Arnold are sister and brother. Lusi I is typing on a computer. Accidentally, she has deleted Arnold’s file so that her brother is so angry with her.
3. Ida and Yati seat in the same desk. Yati drops Ida’s glasses on the floor. It is broken.
4. Yani is hearing Lola talking with Susi abput her. Yani is angry when Lola says that Yani cheated on mathematics test this morning.

NB : Pakai bahasa Indonesia juga boleh .. please bantu jawab yaah ^^

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1. Are you sure about that? How could she do that to me?! I really need my bag now!
2. Oh no! How careless you are! That was my important document and you deleted It?! And now you just say that you're sorry?! I won't forgive you!
3. Yati! You broke my glasses! You should be more careful! You have to repay for it!
4. Hei! I was not cheating! I did my test honestly! How dare you accusing people without any proof?!