tolong dong buatin dialog bahasa inggris tentang rencana setelah lulus SMA untuk 2 orang, minimal 6 percakapan...pleassss!

A : we'll graduate soon. what will you do then?
B : Hm... I will run my business.
A: what business?
B: a distro, with my brother.


X: what are your plans after graduation?
Y: I'm probably going to work.
X: You do not go to college?
Y: no, I want to work right away.
X: when I graduated college last after new work.
Y: wah .. nice, are you sure? course.

2 5 2
A: after graduation, you will how?
B: i will continue my school
A: yes, i think so
B: then about you?
A: i would go school, become a teacher, you?
B: great idea, i would be a doctor serving every patient! help recover from illness. glorious dream!
A: thank you! you too:) hopefully meet you again.
B: i can not wait!
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