Kata KerjaContohContoh Kalimat Transitive/Intransitive VerbTransitive Verbask, bring, buy, clean, explain, kick, learn, paint, sell, want, writeMy neighbour has painted his wall in broken white.
(painted=transitive, his wall=direct object)
She wanted a bag with low price but high quality.The boy kicked the ball toward the goal.Intransitive Verbarrive, come, die, go, lie, sneeze, sit, workMany city park’s visitors are sittingon the grass.If you arrive late, I’ll go to the bookstore without you.Cheryl often sneezes while cleaning the warehouse.She looked annoyed when her friendscame to her house.Transitive & Intransitive Verbeat, runThe man has run his business since 1988. (run=transitive, business=direct object)Adventurers must run through the jungle before night.