Mizan:hi,ken you cool now!
kenny:is it true?
mizan :yes,i true
kenny:you are olso so
mizan ;you ought to be grateful to the gods as the
kenny ;yes,it's goods idea.
mizan;yes allah i thank you four your favors ya allh ,amin
Mima : long time no see you,Rima and Dina
dina : is there something wrong with my style guys?
rima : you just answer your own question, dont you?
mima: you look more feminime. what happened to you?
dina : my mom said that i should wear a skirt and flat shoes everytime i go travelling
rima : i love the clothes that you wear. how beautiful you are!
dina : look at yourself rima. you're wearing an elegant neckless. what a pretty style!
mima : c'mon guys, what's your opinion about me?
rima : you have a good talent for matching clothes style. what an unique clothes you wear!
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