Tolong buatkan teks diary dalam bahasa inggris tentang peristiwa menyenangkan

Sunday, May 5th 2014
Dear Diary,
I am very happy to tell you that I went to the zoo with my family today.
We went there at 7.30 in the morning so we will not stuck in traffic jam.
When I arrived there, I was very amazed because there are a lot of animals there. The zoo is also very big.
After that, we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurant. I was very happy today.
I hope I can visit the zoo with my family again soon!


Dear diary, 

Last Tuesday, Shiva (or whoever you want) and I went to a famous book store near my school. We looked for Naruto comics. When we arrived at the book store, we directly went to the Comics Department. We found it and wanted to go to the cashier because we must be in a hurry for extracurricular activity in school.

Unfortunately, a smell and ugly man came closer to us. We didn’t recognize him at all. He smiled at us as he knew us but we were afraid. Then a minute later, a book store guards came and chased him away from the book store. In fact, he was a crazy man. The people around us laughed to see our face. It was a terrible day.
traveling around the world
deny saved his money and spent two monts traveling the world. he wrot his journey in this diary. i spent a week in new york and then flew to london and enjoyed several weeks in europe