please, bantu ya teman-teman

A ) career
b) elected c) experienced d) newspaper e) remember f) childhood

Dahlan iskan is my favorite figure. He is proof that a poor
person can be succesful. Dahlan iskan spent his 1) ...... in a village. He
lived in poverty and his parents didn’t even

2) .... when he was born. Therefore, he chose his own
birthday, august. 17 1951, the same that as independence day.

Dahln iskan is an 3) .... journalist . he was a reporter for
TEMPO magazine in 1976. Then, he became the CEO of java pos group, indonesian
4) ..... publisher in 1982. His career developed well. From december 23, 2009
to october 2011 he became the ceo of indonesia’s state electricity company, (
PLN ). In october 2011, he was 5) ...... indonsia’s minister for state-owned
enter prises
1) how did dahlan iskan live when he was a child ?
2) why did he choose his own birthday ?
3) when did he become a reporter for TEMPO magazine
4) how long was he the CEO of indonesia'a state electricity company ?



1) f) childhood
2) e) remember
3) c) experienced 
4) d) newspaper
5) b) elected

1) He lived in a poverty and was poor when he was a child.
2) He chose his own birthday because his parents don't remember when he was born and he chose his birthday by himself, it was the same as independent day
3) He became TEMPO reporter magazine in 1976
4) He was the CEO of Indonesia's state electricity company for 2 years

1. F
2. E
3. D
4. C
5. B

1. Dahlan Iskan spent his childhood in a village. He lived in poverty and his parents didn't even remember when he was born.
2. Because his parents didn't remember the date when he was born
3. 1976
4. 2 years