Fia : i'm sad..
rian : why are you sad?
fia : my father was angry to me.
rian : why?
fia : my brother disturb me watch TV. i was angry.
rian : ok. hey do you know? there is a man in our class that like to you.. he is Ripaldo.            every meet you in the way, he was so shy.. he was love you..
fia : but he was always disturb.
rian : maybe he was only want to get your attention?
fia : maybe.

A = hello
B = hello I'm very angry because my girlfriend not go with me 
A = where ?
B = eeeeeem eeeeeem eeem the place is nothing special 
A = how condition in the place ?
B = it is very disturb for my girlfriend
       and I'm very sad with condition place

penjelasan eeemeeeeeeeeeeemeeeeeeem itu malu ya