1. Which of this following is an expression of sadness?
a. Oh thanks, Dad. It's a nice present.
b. I'm afraid
c. It was funny
d. I was very sad about it
e. I don't think so

2. Jaka : My grandma and grandpa got accident this morning. I couldn't believe what's going on.
Maya : That's the destiny. Let's pray for them.
The underlined statement is used to express ....
a. joy
b. pain
c. sadness
d. accident
e. worried

1. The boy : "Excuse me, Sir. My father told me to see you, Sir."
The teacher : "Yes, come in and take a seat. Now tell me where is God?"
The boy : "I don't know."
The teacher : "WHERE IS GOD?"
The boy : "I really don't know."
The teacher : "You make me angry. "
The boy : "I swear. If God is missing, it's not my false. I don't know where God is.
What made the teacher angry ?
a. the boy came to him
b. the boy know what is God doing now.
c. the boy didn't know where the God is
d. the boy angry to him
e. all wrong
2. Following the dialogue above, the italic statement is used to express ...
a. happiness
b. sadness
c. anger
d. hunger
e. embarassed

1. Rudi : what's happen with you? you often look Mira deeply
Fahri : i don't know .... i always admire her performance
Rudi : great! love has come to your life.
a. I hates her
b. I think I love her
c. Let me go away
d. I call you later
e. I'm very sad looking at her.