There was once an arrogant hare who wanted to prove that he was better than everybody else, so he chose the slowest animal in the county, the tortoise, and invited him to a five mile race.The tortoise accepted his challenge and trained hard for the event, while the hare walked around boasting that he was going to humiliate the tortoise and make him look stupid.The day of the race dawned. The tortoise set off at a slow and steady pace, while the hare was dancing around laughing at him; other animals were laughing too, including the rabbit, the badger, and even the little hedgehog.The hare became exhausted from all his dancing around, so he decided to have a nap. When he awoke, he realised that a few hours had passed and the tortoise was nowhere to be seen. The hare panicked and ran the whole course as fast as he could, which was very fast indeed.As he reached the top of the final hill, he could see the finish line in the distance, with the tortoise walking slowly across it, the victor.
Narrative text: Generic StructureAs we all know that a narrative should explore problems among the charracters which lead into an interesting plot of the story. This plot determine the narrative story whether it runs smoothly or not. Well, the following note is the generic structure from the story of Hare and Tortoise.Orientation: It clearly states that the participants are the hare and the tortoise who live in once time.Complication: From the second, third, and forth parragraphs, we see that the major complication is set by the arogant hare. In the firs scene, hare and his suppoeters tried to humiliate tortoise while in the same time the tortoise was practicing hard. Because hare thought it was safe, he took a nap, but that was his big mistake.Resolution: The story of hare and tortoise is closed with the scene of tortoise winning the race. It was a bed and sad ending for hare but it was the victory of tortoise.
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