Buatkan kalimat di bawah ini memakai bahasa inggris, dan translate ke bhs. indonesia:
1.) no smoking
2.) no entry
3.) keep clean
4.) caution wet floor
5.) free entry
6.) caution do not enter
7.) please don't litter help keep your community clean
8.) caution hot surface! do not touch
9.) notice all visitors must register at office
10.) be safe always wash hands to remove residue before leaving
11.) warning gloves and masks should be worn when working in this area
12.) TURN OFF mobile phone



1. do not smoking here
1. jangan merokok di sini
2. do not entry
2. jangan masuk
3. keep clean the floor
3. jaga kebersihan lantai
4. caution wet floor in this room
4. hati hati lantai basah di ruangan ini
5. you're free entry
5. kamu bebas masuk
6. caution  do not entry this room
6. perhatian  jangan masuk ruangan ini
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