Storytelling Pendek The Lonely LandyOne day, there was a porcupine named Landy. He was lonely. No one wanted to play with him, because they were afraid of his spike.
“Dear Landy. We don’t want to play with you because your spikes are too sharp. We don’t want you to hurts us,” said Cici the rabbit one day.
“Cici is right, Landy. It is not because you’re bad or rude to us, no, Landy. Just because of your spikes. They will stab us if we close to you,” said Tito the rooster.
Landy felt lonely. Landy spent most of the time day dreaming at the river bank, “I would be happy if there were no spikes on my body.”
Suddenly, Kuku the turtle appeared from the river. He came to Landy and said, “Landy, what are you thinking of?”
“Oh, nothing,” Landy replied.
“Don’t lie to me, Landy! Who knows I can help you,” said Kuku wisely. Then he sat beside Landy. He wasn’t afraid of Landy’s spikes.
Shortly, Landy told his problem. Kuku nodded his head. He said, “Poor you. But it isn’t your fault. I know, your spikes are very useful and helpful for you. They will realize it someday. Trust me!”
“Thanks, Kuku. You are my best friend.”
One day, Koko the frog held his birthday party. He invited all his friends, including Landy. But he decided not to come. He didn’t want to mess up the party.
“I’ll come with you Landy. I’ll tell everyone that you’re harmless,” said Kuku. Finally Landy attended the party. Everyone enjoyed it.
Suddenly Tito screamed, “Help….help.…! The evil wolf is coming. Save yourself!” Then, everyone saved their lives, except Kuku and landy. Kuku pulled his head and his leg into his shell. And Landy rolled his body into a ball.
Unintentionally, the evil wolf touched Landy. Of course, the spike pricked him. He screamed, “Ouch!” Since his foot was bleeding, he didn’t chase Landy’s friends any longer. Then, he ran away.
“Horray….horray….! Long live Landy! He saved our lives,” said Cici and her friends. They thanked him from then on. Landy wasn’t lonely anymore
  THE MOUSE DEER AND THE CROCODILE Once upon a time there was a mouse deer that lived in the forest. He had many enemies, one of his enemies was a crocodile that lived in the river near the forest. Even the crocodile supposed that the mouse deer was the trickiest animal, so he promised by him self that he would catch the mouse deer alive or die. “Mouse deer! I would catch you as soon as possible!” He said angrily. But you know mouse deer audience? It was an animal that always cheerful and very confident. He also known, as a tricky and intelligent animal, so he was very proud of him self. And he often said, “ I’m the cleverest in the forest. I’m the best. No other animals can compare me. Ha..ha..ha..” He laughed. And do you know what happened next? When it was a very hot day, the mouse deer was very thirsty and dirty. He wanted something to drink from the river. And than he bathed and splashed about into the water. But how unlucky he was! When he was taking a bath and splashed in the water, the crocodile saw him. “Hmmm.. a nice meal. Yeah.. I’ll have a big and nice meal this day” He thought. Then he silently crawled behind the mouse deer and grabbed him. He caught the mouse deer’s legs. And the mouse deer startled and terrified as well. Of course cold sweat came out from the mouse deer’s body. “Oh my God, help me.. Is it the end of my life? Oh my God help me please..” He said in his mind. He thought hard how to be free fom the crocodile. And as I just told to you that the mouse deer was the tricky and intelligent animal, so after he thought hard, finally he got a good idea. He saw a twig floating near him. He picked it up and said, “you are stupid! You are fool! You think you’ve got me? Actually you are biting a twig, not my legs.” And with that, the mouse deer showed the crocodile the twig. The crocodile couldn’t see very well. He was a very stupid creature too. He believed that the mouse deer’s cunning. He freed the mouse deer’s legs and snapped upon the twig. And then the mouse deer ran out from the water immediately. “Ha..ha..ha..” He laughed. “I tricked you again, stupid crocodile! And you have to know that you never can catch me! Good bye.. Mr. Stupid crocodile!” Said the mouse deer happily.