Ini saya buat sendiri. Semoga bermanfaat ya. Mohon dimaafkan bila ada kata yang kurang jelas:)

Last Sunday, there was a new neighbour in front of my house. They were coming from Surabaya. My parents wanted to be acquainted with them. They knocked the door of the neighbour’s house and said “Assalamualaikum”.  One of the family member which was the mother opened the door and replied “Waalaikumsalam”. The mother said “Have a seat, Mr and Mrs. I’ll take 2 glass of orange juice”. After the mother took it, my parents greeted each other, said what their name are and they asked why does she and her family moved here. She said her name is Aliana. She and her family moved here because her husband was called to work at Sulfindo Adiusaha which is located in Merak. So, they decided to move here, which was Cilegon. 1 hours has passed and my mother said “Maybe it’s already enough to talk about it, thank you very much for allowing us to be acquainted with you. Nice to know you, Mrs. Aliana”. She replied “It doesn’t matter, Mr and Mrs. Adi. Nice to know you too”. Before my parents went back home, Mrs. Aliana asked where did my parents lived. My parents replied that they lived in front of her house. Then they went back home.