Rea the letter and then answer the following questions! Jalan Abimayu 34 Surabaya 13th April 2012 Dear Masay, Hi, how are you? Hope everything is okay. Masay, I'm glad for knowing that you and your brother will come to my house next week. We haven't meet each other for long time. I miss you so much. If you come here, I will show you a new mall in my city. It is a nice place. You said, you and your brother will go by aeroplane. However, I don't know when you will come here exactly. Please tell me this time, so I can pick you up at the airport. Okay, that's all for you now. Please reply soon. My love to you father, mother and your brother, Hendra. Love, Alfia Questions: 1. What kind of letter is it? 2. Who is the sender of the letter? 3. Who is the receiver of the letter? 4. When will masaya and her brother visit Alfia's house? 5. What is Alfia planning to Masaya?



1. letter
2. the sender is Alfia
3. the receiver is Masaya
4. next week
5. to showed the new mall in Alfia's city
1. Informal letter 
2. Alifa
3. Masay
4. They will come next week 
5. She will take her to the mall 

nomer 1 mungkin ada other type of letter but it's an informal letter so just go with it