Isi yang di titik-titik ya,pilihannya pg . The fox and the Crane A fox and a crane (29) ... in the jungle. The fox was very naughty. One day he (30) ... the crane to his house for dinner. The fox (31) ... some tasty soup in a plate to the crane. The plate (32) ... so flat that the long-beaked crane could not eat it. The crane was upset but he thanked the fox for dinner. He invited the fox to his house for dinner. The crane served the tasty (33) ... in along necked jar for the fox. Though the fox was angry at first, he (34) ... his friend was giving him the treatment he had given him. He said sorry to the crane and (35) ... never to be naughty that way again. 29. a. lives b. lived c. living d. life 30. a. invited b. invites c. invite d. inviting 31. a. serving b. service c. services d. served 32. a. were b. was c. is d. are 33. a. shop b. sharp c. soup d. soap 34. a. realizing b. realized c. realizes d. realize 35. a. promised b. promise c. promises d. promising



29. b.lived
30. a.invited
31. d.served
32. b.was
33. c.soup
34. b.realized
35. a.promised

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