Jawaban paling cerdas!
X : good night, Mc Donald restaurant here, how can i help u ?
Y : good night , I'd like to order one serving of fried chicken, plus rice, and a pepsi blue, please transfer to jl mawar no. 12,
X : yes maam , thank you for trusting us , pleaase wait

sekian deh,, puyeng mo ngarang lg :)
slamat mmbantu ;)

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aminn, makasi ya :D
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E as employee
C as customer

E : Hello, Burgeria Corner, how may I help you?
C : Yeah, I just ordered 2 lasagnas from you. Sorry before, but I want to complain about the foods I ordered.
E : It's OK. What about it?
C : It's too spicy. I said, "Don't get those spicy." to the other employee on the phone, and he said, "OK". And, it tastes very salty. I couldn't finish both foods. I had to threw them away.
E : Oh, I see. We'll replace both lasagnas for you right away. Where's your address?
C : *say your address*
E : Thank you, and please wait for a couple of minutes:)

Semoga membantu yaa :D
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