A : hello?
b : hello,can i help u mam?
a : oh sure can u tell me what time i have to meet you later?
b :maybe you have to meet with me at 8 am
a :thanks mam
b :youre welcome

itu seadanya ya maaf kalo salah
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Jawaban paling cerdas!
Firda : Assalamu'alaikum, this is Firda. May I speak to Intan?
Intan : Wa'alaikumsalam, hi Firda. It's me, what's up?
Firda : I want to ask you about the vocal group audition.
Intan : Yeah?
Firda : Will you do it?
Intan : No, I cancelled it. I will have a Math Olympics on that exact day. Sorry. You can ask Rosie, she's good at singing too, remember?;)
Firda : Yeah, OK. That's all I want to ask. Good luck for the olympics!
Intan : Thanks. Assalamu'alaikum
Firda : Wa'alaikumsalam :)

Semoga membantuu:)