pieces of fruit in the juice will
prepare water in a blender to taste
give sugar in necessary
insert fruit into a blender
press the buttom on
potong buah yang akan di jus
siapkan air dalam blender secukupnya
beri gula bila perlu
masukkan buah ke dalam blender
tekan tombol on

#semoga membantu

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Tomato juice
1.First, wash tomatoes and celery in water. Then cut into pieces in a small size.
    2. Prepare a blender container and insert pieces of celery and tomatoes. Add to it the juice of lime juice (can also lemon).
    3. Then add the boiled water into it. Just enough to be rotated blender machine.
     4.Haluskan until all material was really soft.
     5.The machine was turned off. Then serve in serving glasses.
    6. There are two ways of presentation. If you just want to drink the juice, tomato juice until the first Strain the water and waste separation. For those who want to gastrointestinal smooth, serve immediately in a glass of tomato juice fast without being filtered.
    7. Lastly, pour honey on top of the tomato juice. Fresh juices and healthy and is ready to enjoy.