What an embarrassing day yesterday.. It happened when I and my family went to a mall. We were eating food at McD's and that time, I had to go to the rest room. I told about it to my mom, and she said, "OK, but don't be too long!"
 After that, I rushed out of McD and ran to the restroom. Thank god, there was no lining!:)) 
 I was so happy after I got out of the restroom, I walked slowly to McD's again. When I got there, I can't see my mom nor may dad! I didn't know where should I go and I panicked! I started searching for my mom everywhere but I couldn't find her!
After a long time searching, I heard an announcement from the 1st floor of the mall near the camera booth about a husband and wife lost their daughter named Diah, and Diah is my name! *example*  So I ran to the 1st floor and saw my mom and dad!

 Oh, what a relief!

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